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As a presentation skills program, Present With Ease is extremely flexible and adaptable to a variety of formats.

One-day workshops help participants better understand the value of a relaxed, conversational style. Participants learn why a conversational delivery is the best possible way for audiences to understand what's presented. The day begins with a series of interactive group exercises and concludes with participants delivering presentations while answering questions about their content.

Two-day workshops provide a deeper dive into developing strategic content—bringing value to the audience while advancing individual and organizational objectives—and delivering that content effectively. Participants gain knowledge into the differences between a visual aid and crutch, and hone their ability to clearly and concisely answer questions about their content.

Half-day workshops create an interactive environment through which participants gain new insights into engaging audiences as a means of building understanding and support. They learn why structured critical thinking is so important to overall presentation success.

Finally, one- and two-hour workshops are perfect for employee retreats, gatherings, sales meetings and conferences. They are always engaging, interactive and fun. And, like all workshops and seminars under the Present With Ease banner, provide insights into how participants can communicate more effectively in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

If you're interested in having a program designed specifically for your needs, contact us. We'll develop a program that's just right for your organization!

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