Maximize your media training resources

An innovative approach to getting the most out of your media training resources

If your organization is interested in developing or standardizing a state-of-the-art approach to media training, the train-the-trainer version of At Ease With the Media could be your perfect solution.

Facilitator's Guide for media training
Using our online program as their base, your internal media relations specialists deliver in-person media training that utilizes a proven approach. As internal experts, their role is to bring the theory alive with innovative training that focuses on improving spokesperson behaviour—teaching spokespeople to manage exchanges with journalists to win-win outcomes, while protecting themselves and your organization at all times.

The result?

Your resources extended because you use an online subscription and internal staff for your media training. Your public and media relations staff improve their consulting skills, which leads to better relationships with their clients. Your spokespeople better understand how to manage media interviews to successful outcomes.

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