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At Ease With the Media creates a learning experience for spokespeople—and a level of comfort for their advisors—that cannot be matched by any media training program on the market.

Spokespeople learn to build better relationships with journalists. They learn to answer questions clearly and concisely. The result is an emphasis on transparency that leads to clear, accurate stories.

Spokespeople learn to take advantage of opportunities to support business and communication objectives. They learn to manage the twists and turns that interviews often take. They understand how to influence specific audiences as the process unfolds, whether they’re dealing with print or broadcast journalists.

Above all, spokespeople learn to protect themselves and their organization at all times. They gain insight into a series of proprietary defensive strategies, which have stood the test of time and enabled many clients to ethically extricate themselves from tight situations.

They learn to stop talking. This reduces context and the likelihood of being quoted out of context.

If you’re interested in learning more about the most innovative, unique and effective media training program on the market, contact Eric. He’d love to put your spokespeople At Ease With the Media.
“I’ve had the privilege of working with Eric Bergman for many years. He is the best I've seen and has elevated media training to an entirely new level.

“He custom tailors each session to his audience, learns your business and has led an international movement away from the flawed strategy of 'staying on message' that erodes credibility.

“He literally wrote the book on media training best practices and had the vision to guide our industry towards a new era of trust, collaboration and relationship building long before social media had arrived.”

Heath Applebaum, ABC, MCM
Reputation Consultant, Professor

Practice, practice, practice

The fundamental premise of At Ease With the Media is that extensive practice should be incorporated into all media training workshops—full-day, half-day or one-on-one coaching.

More practice builds confidence and enhances outcomes. It helps participants put media training theory into practical action.

Ideally, each spokesperson is interviewed four times during in-person training, twice for print purposes and twice for broadcast.

This can be achieved in a full-day media training workshop with up to six participants, a half-day workshop with up to three participants, and one-on-one in two-and-a-half hours. One-on-one training can also be offered via teleconference or Skype.

No other media training program can match the practice component of At Ease With the Media. It is the best program available for preparing spokespeople effectively.

Contact Eric to set up a program that’s right for you.

Eric has an impressive track record in the area of corporate communications and media, which makes his training very effective and relevant.

“He is result-oriented and adjusts to the needs of his audience. I can highly recommend him as a trainer on communications topics, including media training, preparation of presentations, and speeches.”

Jean-Jacques Henchoz
CEO, Reinsurance EMEA
Swiss Re

Anywhere. Any time.
Proven value. Excellent results.

Media training via Skype is an innovative solution for providing media training to virtually any geographic area on the planet. Best of all, no travel is required.

Spokespeople gain theory through the structured, disciplined online program. When that’s done, they participate in a three-hour structured program via Skype (or other videoconference), either individually or in groups of two.

The training includes four rounds of practice interviews, two for print and two for broadcast. Each interview is recorded; portions are played back. Feedback is provided.

Whether you’re promoting a product or service, or you need to prepare for an issue or crisis, this program is a proven, cost-effective alternative to preparing spokespeople effectively.

Contact Eric to learn how to bring media training consistency, regardless of where your spokespeople are located.

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