Presentation content that almost develops itself
A meaningful way to help you shape your story

Blue and white cover of The Presenter
The Presenter’s Toolbox provides a step-by-step guide to developing clear, compelling content for any speech, lecture or presentation.

The Toolbox quickly and efficiently guides you through a critical thinking process. You’ll answer a number of questions and fill in some blanks. By the time you reach tool number nine, the basic presentation framework, you’ll be able to clearly define your entire presentation in six to eight sentences. Your story for that audience will have a clear beginning, middle and end.

Additional tools will guide you through expanding that story to fit the time frame available. You won’t over-prepare. And there is also guidance on ensuring that slides, if necessary, won’t interfere with what you say to the audience.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it isn’t. In all likelihood, it will take you less time to develop a presentation than it currently does. Better yet, instead of tinkering endlessly with slides, you’ll focus on providing audience value while achieving your business and communication objectives.

As you apply the tools, you’ll be guided by a case study, which is based on the need for a new barking dog bylaw in a local municipality. The bylaw enforcement team is preparing a presentation to municipal council with the goal of gaining support to proceed to the next stage of the bylaw development process.

As you work through these tools, and with guidance from the barking dog case, you’ll discover that your content almost develops itself.

Meaningful content is the price of admission to presentation success. Until your content is meaningful to that audience at that moment in time, your ideas will never be memorable.

And who goes to the trouble of delivering a presentation with the goal of having the audience forget what was said?

The Presenter’s Toolbox is available from Amazon, Kindle and Apple Books.
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