Zoom + PowerPoint = Hell on Earth

bored woman leaning head on hands
Doesn’t this article by @Geoffrey James at Inc. simply scream “TWENTY-TWENTY?” But this version of “Hell on Earth” has been going on since acetate film met laser printers, and bullet points became part of presentation vernacular.

The equation isn’t created by Zoom or PowerPoint or Keynote or Skype or Google Slides or Google Meets. It could more appropriately be written as “Reading + Listening = Hell on Earth.” Mr. James’ version of Hell on Earth is created by anyone asking an audience to read and listen at the same time.

I’d wager money that there’s both correlation and causation between the number of slides, the amount of information on those slides, and Zoom fatigue. As written information increases, fatigue undoubtedly rises. Why? Working memory is overloaded.

And it’s counterproductive. The research is 100% clear. Because the act of doing so overloads working memory, those who attempt to read and listen at the same time understand and retain less than those who simply read. Or those who simply listen.

Anyone wishing to reduce “Hell on Earth,” needs to separate the written word from the spoken. It is the one true path to improving presentations and reducing boredom worldwide.

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