The Scorecard
Is the content meaningful?
Is the delivery memorable?

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This scorecard is the basis for reviews in The Bucket List. It has 10 categories. About half are related to the value of the content to the audience. The other half are based on someone’s ability to deliver that content in a memorable way.

Each category scores out of five, for a total possible score of fifty. From there, each presentation is rated out of five buckets.

The scorecard is a tool that can assist with improving your own presentations, or help you get past the three words—“it was fine”—that often accompany the question “how was my presentation?”

Feel free to use it to have people review your presentations, or to use it to review the presentations of others.

The chart below provides insights into how the categories contained within the scorecard apply to whether a presentation has the potential to be both meaningful and memorable.

Click here to download a PDF version of the scorecard.