Present With Ease!

Innovative. Flexible. Adaptable. Effective.

Do your audiences lean in to listen?

Or tune out to text?

Engaged audience leaning in to listen
Interesting question, isn't it?

In reality, it's one of the simplest ways to determine whether your ideas have any chance of being used by the people to whom you're presenting.

Our presentation skills training program, Present With Ease, is designed to provide the tools and skills you need to have your audiences leaning in for more.

You will learn to put the audience first. We'll help you structure a conversation—not another boring presentation—that provides value to them while helping you achieve your business objectives.

We'll teach you to use visual aids effectively. Every visual you use will be an aid, not a crutch.

We'll help you apply principles of face-to-face communication to all presentations—whether one-on-one or groups. Your communication skills will improve in your professional and personal life.

And we'll help you answer questions clearly, concisely and effectively. This will enhance audience engagement, understanding and buy-in—and have them leaning in for more.

If you're interested in communicating effectively—in acquiring the skills to improve every presentation you'll deliver for the rest of your life—contact us.

We'll be delighted to help you Present With Ease.

I have attended many presentation skills programs over the course of my career and quite frankly found Eric Bergman's program to be far and away the most effective at delivering results.

At business meetings and on sales calls, Present With Ease has made me a better communicator, and a more successful salesperson.”

John d’Amato
Financial Executive