One-day Presentation Workshop
A great start to communicating effectively

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The one-day version of Present With Ease! provides an excellent start to shaping, honing and sharpening your team’s ability to communicate effectively.

Using Eric Bergman’s proprietary content development approach in The Presenter’s Toolbox, participants gain clear understanding into developing effective presentation content and introduced to the challenge of delivering that content in a relaxed, conversational style that makes it easy for the audience to understand, retain and apply what they hear during the presentation.

Prior to the workshop, participants complete seven short tasks (the second of which can be found here) to shape their thinking. They use this pre-work to develop clear, concise content for a five-minute presentation that they deliver at least once during the day.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a set of tools they can use to develop compelling content. They will understand how to deliver that content effectively.

The gain insight into using presentation visuals as aids, not crutches. They learn the value of answering questions clearly and concisely to enhance interaction, engagement and understanding.

Most of all, they gain awareness into how to have audiences leaning in to listen, not tuning out to text.

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