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For decades, Eric Bergman has been guiding his clients through the toughest issues, conflicts and crises any organization can face.

He is an industry-recognized crisis communication leader. He has developed courses on crisis communication for public relations professionals, spoken at conferences on the related topics of crisis communication and transparency, and written numerous articles on the topic during the past 20-plus years.

Through his career, he has helped his clients answer questions like:

  • What do we do if it’s discovered that the winner of our prestigious award was caught shoplifting (which was verified) between the announcement of the award and the actual awards ceremony itself?

  • How do we protect our brand as we manage this long-term environmental cleanup?

  • How do we tell people that chemicals from our site have migrated off site, and are now affecting their neighbourhoods?

  • How do we protect our organization when one of our employees—who was referred to us by a federal government agency—has been arrested and charged with international crimes?

  • Should we and, if so, how do we answer questions from journalists outside the courthouse?

  • How do we deal with the fact that one of our employees lost a laptop on which dozens of private patient records are kept?

  • How do we transparently protect our brand after one of our employees breached hundreds of private records?

Contact Eric to learn how his issues management experience and advice can protect your organization and its brand during times of crisis.
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