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For any presentation to be truly successful, two things have to happen.

The presenter has to have something meaningful to say. And she or he has to deliver those ideas in a memorable way.

You simply cannot achieve your goals if the audience does not remember what you said. And, let’s face it, the vast majority of presentations are forgotten as soon as they finish.

The Presenter’s Toolbox and One Bucket at a Time are the foundation on which meaningful, memorable presentations can be constructed and delivered. They are the key to achieving your personal and professional objectives from every presentation you deliver.

And if you want to take your skills to the next level, Eric Bergman is available to provide small workshops and one-on-one coaching, either via Zoom or (when circumstances permit) in person.

The Presenter’s Toolbox
The Presenter’s Toolbox
walks you through a proven step-by-step process to shape your ideas. You’ll learn to structure a conversation that brings value to the audience. You’ll be guided through the process of creating your story, which will have a clear beginning, middle and end. Your call to action will be clear.

And you’ll probably do so in less than half the time you currently spend. Learn more by clicking here, or purchase The Presenter’s Toolbox from Amazon, Kindle or Apple Books.

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One Bucket at a Time
One Bucket at a Time
will help you deliver your ideas memorably. You’ll learn the value of a conversational approach. You’ll understand why conversation is critical to getting ideas into the long-term memory of the audience. In reality, the only thing that counts during any presentation are the ideas that make it from the presenter’s tank of knowledge to the collective long-term memory of those in attendance.

The Bucket is based on the assumption that the only reason for bringing people together is to listen to someone share something of value. Audiences need time to process ideas, to move those ideas from working memory to long-term memory. You’ll learn that the goal of every presentation should be to get as much as possible into the collective long-term memory of the audience. Why else would you be there? You’ll clearly understand why this can only be done one bucket at a time.

Learn more about One Bucket at a Time by clicking here, or purchase the book from Amazon, Kindle and Apple Books.

The Presenter’s Toolbox and One Bucket at a Time will help you shape your story and tell it effectively. They are thought-leading. They are effective. And, as you’ll see below, they are endorsed by one of the world’s leading cognitive scientists.

They are the key to having your ideas remembered, applied and acted upon long after you, and they, have left the room or signed off Zoom.

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