Canada’s most experienced
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media training consultant

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Eric Bergman, BPA, ABC, APR, MC, FCPRS
Head and shoulders of media training consultant Eric Bergman
Eric Bergman is Canada's most experienced and credentialed media training consultant. He coached his first spokespeople during the summer of 1981 while conducting a media relations campaign to promote two student theatre productions, Pal Joey and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

And, during his 35-year career in public relations and corporate communication, he has focused on helping his clients create win-win outcomes for their communication initiatives. With media training, this means building better relationships with journalists while helping spokespeople support their organization's business and communication objectives.

At Ease With the Media
Eric developed his proprietary media training program, At Ease With the Media, in the early 1990s. What makes this program effective is its focus on providing spokespeople with a range of tools.

Spokespeople gain the skills to manage exchanges with journalists to win-win outcomes. On one side, spokespeople first learn to answer questions clearly and concisely wherever possible to help journalists develop factually correct stories. At the same time, spokespeople learn to use media interviews to support business and communication objectives—to influence the attitudes, opinions and behaviours of specifically-identifiable audiences important to the organization's success.

At Ease With the Media doesn’t teach spokespeople to keep repeating the same thing over and over. “That style of media training is an outdated paradigm in an information-driven world,” Eric explains. “And it’s a tactic that often causes more problems than it ever solves.”

Likewise, At Ease With the Media doesn’t provide spokespeople with a false sense of security that they can control the interview. In a modern world where anyone with a smartphone and a Facebook account can be a journalist, Eric realizes that the only thing spokespeople can control is what they say. The first skill he teaches, therefore, is how, when and why to stop talking when a question is answered.

Thousands of spokespeople from five continents in the private, public, corporate, professional, entrepreneurial and not-for-profit sectors have benefited from Eric’s approach, coaching and feedback.

If you're interested in learning about how his proven approach can help your spokespeople, please explore this website or contact Eric directly.

Eric holds a bachelor of professional arts in communication studies from Athabasca University and a two-year diploma in advertising and public relations from Grant MacEwan College.

He is an accredited business communicator (ABC), an accredited public relations practitioner (APR), and a master communicator (MC)—which is the highest distinction that can be bestowed upon a Canadian member of the International Association of Business Communicators. In 2014, he was named a member of the College of Fellows of the Canadian Public Relations Society (FCPRS).
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