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A microphone alone in front of a crowd, waiting for a speaker.
Now that presentations have moved from in the room to via Zoom, a new blog is providing insights to help every presenter improve her or his ability to deliver meaningful, memorable presentations.

The Successful Presenter embraces the assumption that the only reason for bringing people together is to listen to someone share something of value.

“You can have a presentation without slides,”
Eric Bergman writes. “But you cannot have a presentation without a presenter. At its core, therefore, the effectiveness of any presentation can be measured by what makes it from the speaker’s vocal cords to the long-term memory of those in attendance.

“Once you understand that thought, it becomes evident that feeding into how people listen is the most critical presentation skill to develop.”

Bergman has provided presentation training and executive coaching for more than 25 years to thousands of clients from six continents.

His unique and effective approach is encompassed by two books, One Bucket at a Time and The Presenter’s Toolbox.
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