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Passionate plea and interesting visual

I have been a fan of Arnie’s since I started lifting weights in the 1970s. He has had an amazing career since he left his native Austria as a young adult.

He is passionate about his message, which is often the foundation on which powerful presentations rest.

He doesn’t use a single slide, but he uses an interesting visual aid to underscore what he’s saying.

His message is both meaningful and memorable. If you watch the video, whether you believe in what he’s saying or you’re opposed to it, there is a high probability that it will be permanently nestled in your long-term memory.

And, at the end of the day, that should be the objective of every single presentation you’ll ever deliver.

After all, who goes to the trouble of developing and delivering a presentation only to be forgotten as soon as it ends?

If your goal is to terminate bad presentations ...

This book is what you need
Cover of the book One Bucket at a Time.
One Bucket at a Time is designed to help you turn standard presentations into meaningful, memorable conversations with audiences.

For less than the cost of a single slide, you’ll gain insight into how audiences listen. You’ll learn how you can get more of what you say into the long-term memory of those in attendance, whether in the room or via Zoom.

You’ll learn to create presentations that tell a story with a clear beginning, middle and end. And you’ll understand how to tell that story in a memorable way, delivering your ideas to the audience one bucket at a time.

John Sweller, PhD, one of the world’s leading cognitive scientists, writes:

“The central theme of this book that a presentation should be a conversation is ingenious. Humans have evolved for hundreds of thousands of years to communicate by conversation. We are mentally structured to do so.

“For anyone seeking to set themselves and their ideas apart, this book is well worth the read. Eric Bergman’s techniques are a window to the future of this important human activity.”

One Bucket at a Time is available from Amazon, Kindle and Apple Books.
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