Blog reviews presentations, provides insights

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Now that presentations have moved from in the room to via Zoom, The Bucket List provides presentation reviews and insights from which everyone can learn. Using a scorecard with 10 categories, the reviews provide a basis by which potential effectiveness can be compared from one presentation to another.

The blog also provides articles that address content, visuals, questions, gestures and other issues relevant to the goal of communicating more effectively during all types of presentations.

The purpose is to improve presentations everywhere.
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Book encourages less presentation, more conversation

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Whether a presentation is delivered in the room or via Zoom, a new book is encouraging presenters to embrace more conversation and less presentation if the goal is to have ideas understood, retained and acted upon by the audience.

One Bucket at a Time is endorsed by one of the world’s leading cognitive scientists, who says that author “Eric Bergman’s techniques are a window to the future of this important human activity.”

One Bucket at a Time is available from Amazon, Kindle and Apple Books.
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