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Entertaining Video Takes Shot at PPT

I found this little gem on YouTube. Entitled STOP: You’re Killing Me With PowerPoint, it’s three minutes and fifteen seconds of entertaining rapping, with some interesting messages woven throughout.

Your charts and your graphs
they’re offendin’ my eyes.

Do you think you could cram
any more on that slide?

I once had a client tell me that their senior management team felt that too much PowerPoint was being used during briefings and presentations, so they limited everyone to six slides maximum. Two things happened.

First, they started getting four graphs per slide. Second, on those slides for which there were no graphs, the fonts shrank and the white space disappeared.

So if you want to increase
your influence.

Practice bullet point abstinence.

In my presentation skills training, I’ve often had people tell me they don’t use notes. They use bullet points. They put their bullets up and talk to them.

I always have to catch myself before I ask: “But do they ever talk back?”

Here’s to what we’re asking
before you waste our time.

With a deck of boring slides
just to toe the corporate line.

Think about your presentation.
What you want to say.

Then tell your story
in a compelling way.


Watch the YouTube video.