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In today's fast-paced world, you know you need to communicate effectively. Whether you’re delivering presentations to internal or external audiences, or managing exchanges with journalists to positive outcomes, it’s vital to shine when the spotlight’s on.

That’s where Eric Bergman can help.

His media training and presentation skills programs, At Ease With the Media and Present With Ease, provide the skills and confidence to communicate clearly. They are thought leading, not thought following. Above all, they are effective. They will help you shine when the spotlight’s on.

At Ease With the Media

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At Ease With the Media has helped thousands of spokespeople gain the knowledge and confidence to effectively manage exchanges with journalists to positive outcomes.

The program provides a unique blend of online and in-person learning that builds knowledge, skills and confidence. It creates a learning environment that can’t be matched anywhere else.

Spokespeople gain a new range of skills to build stronger working relationships with journalists. They better understand how to strategically support the organization’s business and communications objectives. Above all, however, spokespeople learn to protect themselves and their organization at all times.

Contact Eric if you’d like to bring At Ease With the Media’s proven approach to your organization and its spokespeople.

Present With Ease!

Woman speaking into a microphone during a presentation
For more than 25 years, Present With Ease has helped thousands improve their ability to present their ideas to groups. The workshop can be adapted to half-day, full-day and two-day formats. Executive coaching is also available.

Participants learn to develop clear, compelling content that brings value to the audience while supporting personal and professional objectives. They learn to deliver that content in a relaxed, conversational style, which enables the audience to better retain the ideas.

They learn the value of answering questions clearly and concisely. And they leave the program fully understanding the difference between a visual aid and a visual crutch.

More than 20,000 presenters from five continents have benefited from Eric’s unique, proven approach, Contact him if you’d like to put Present With Ease! to work for your organization.

Toronto media training consultant Eric Bergman
Eric’s training programs help you focus your ideas so you can be clear and concise. They increase your confidence by providing the tools to communicate effectively.

If you're interested in shining when the spotlight's on—in communicating clearly and concisely when the opportunity arises—please explore the program offerings on this website, or contact Eric directly.

He’d be delighted to help you communicate when it counts!

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