Presentation Skills Workshops

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Flexible. Adaptable. Effective.

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As a presentation skills program, Present With Ease is extremely flexible and adaptable to a variety of formats—one-day workshops, two-day workshops or a series of half-day workshops perfect for busy schedules.

What makes Present With Ease effective?

While other programs talk about slide colours, Eric outlines the differences between a visual aid and a visual crutch, and whether slides are necessary or desirable in the first place.

While other programs talk about how you stand or hold your hands, Eric examines how the audience could better understand or apply your ideas.

While other programs show you how to dodge questions, Eric shows you how to answer them effectively to enhance engagement, build understanding and generate trust.

Eric teaches communication and builds confidence. When you complete Present With Ease, you'll be looking forward to the next time you walk onto the stage to address your audience.

Contact Eric. He’ll develop a program that's just right for your organization!
Eric’s work with our team boosted their confidence and energy, and it’s given them a key tool that’s ultimately led to a number of business development successes.

Eric is not only a great consultant, he’s fun to work with.”

Gerry Chiasson
Eckler Partners
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