There is no doubt that the ability to communicate effectively is becoming increasingly important.

As an entrepreneur, professional or executive in the private, public or not-for-profit sectors, you may have the best ideas on the planet. But if you can’t help people understand your ideas and strategies—if you can’t motivate them to apply or take action—even the best ideas have little or no value.

And that's where our programs make the difference.

For more than 20 years, our presentation skills and media training programs—
Present With Ease and At Ease With the Media—have helped thousands of clients from five continents set themselves apart.

These programs are constructed on a solid foundation of industry-leading research. They provide you with the skills and confidence to communicate clearly. They are thought leading, not thought following.

Above all, they are extremely effective.

Present With Ease:
Better communication with the audience

When you choose Present With Ease as your presentation skills training program—whether a two-day workshop, a one-day workshop, one-on-one coaching or other format—you won’t learn to make pretty slides.

Forbes contributor Roger Dooley says: "Instead of teaching how to make better slides, Bergman focuses on better communication with the audience.”

With this program, you’ll gain insight into how to:
  • Use state-of-the-art content development models to save time as they help you clarify your ideas.
  • Apply fundamental principles of face-to-face communication to improve every presentation you’ll deliver in the future—whether one-on-one or to groups.
  • Maximize the value of answering questions effectively to enhance engagement and strengthen understanding.
  • Ensure that your presentation is comprised of visual aids, not visual crutches.

Eric Bergman delivering presentation skills training
At Ease With the Media:
The choice between message-driven & balanced

With media training, you have a choice. You can choose a message-driven approach, or you can choose a balanced approach.

A message-driven approach emphasizes constantly bridging to key messages (often regardless of the question asked). But is anyone ever really fooled by this approach?

Our program, At Ease With the Media, is all about balance and credibility. It is based on communication research that draws parallels between excellence in negotiation and excellence in communication.

In negotiation, excellence is based on win-win outcomes. Both sides benefit from the exchange.

At Ease With the Media draws from this model of excellence, and places it squarely atop a foundation of effective risk management.

Spokespeople are first taught to answer questions in clear, concise terms. This helps the journalist.

They learn to weave in (not drive home) messages to influence the attitudes, opinions and behaviour. This helps the organization.

Along the way, spokespeople gain strategies and tools to help them manage risk at all times.

media training for a scrum
Is anyone ever fooled by a message-driven approach?
If you’re interested in the most unique and effective media training program on the market, contact us. We’d love to put your spokespeople At Ease With the Media.

If you're interested in shining when the spotlight's on — in communicating clearly and concisely when the opportunity arises — please explore the program offerings on this website.

If have any questions, send us an e-mail or give us a call. We'd be delighted to help you communicate when it counts!